The Adventure Begins

After 15 years of practicing law, primarily in the Silicon Valley, I’m taking a little hiatus. Ellen and I struggled for several months to decide whether to move the kids from Northern California to Washington, DC. The alternative was to consider another location, or leave my position as a senior partner and global head of intellectual property at the world’s largest law firm. After a lot of hand-wringing and soul-searching, we opted to jump into the black hole of the unknown. I’ve used the last couple of months to explore photography and poker, two passions for which I’ve had precious little free time in the past couple of years.

I’m leaving tonight for Vegas where I intend to compete in my first two World Series of Poker (WSOP) events. The first will be a little known game called 2-7 Triple Draw and the second will be the more well-known no-limit hold-em Main Event. The Triple Draw event begins Friday at 5:00 pm so my plan is to drive from Palo Alto to Vegas tonight so I arrive Friday morning with plenty of time to register, check-in to the hotel, and get some sleep before the event begins. After the Triple Draw event, I’m registered for a 3-day WSOP Academy session that will include seminars, tutorials, and two tournaments the winners of which will receive a $10K entry into the Main Event. If I don’t win either, I’ll suck it up and pay the entry myself.

The Triple Draw event is scheduled to last 3 days. The Main Event is a 7-day marathon with over 6,000 entrants expected. My goal for both events is to at least survive the first day. Both are long-shots to even do that given that I first played Triple Draw about a month ago and I’ll be playing the best in the world. That said, I’m heading into the adventure looking to have some fun and not focus too much on the money or the ultimate finish. It’s likely that this is the only time I’ll ever have the means and time to play at this level so I’m going to make the most of it, whether that means busting out in 30 seconds or going deep.


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