I vowed that I would set aside the whole security clearance investigation since I don’t have any direct ability to impact it either substantively or temporally. I had the three-hour interview and there was an immediate flurry of activity thereafter. Friends, colleagues, neighbors, employers all received visits and/or calls from a diplomatic security investigator. All reported that the interviews appeared to go well and that things were moving quickly. That was over a week ago. Since then, there’s been, well, nothing. The target date for completion of the security clearance investigation is July 14th, two months after the Office of Personnel Management opened the file. Surely, my file will go quicker than the norm.  I’ve lived in the same house for the last decade.  We’re financially stable.  No crimes other than a couple of speeding ticket (“really, officer, I don’t think that’s possible … this Saab can’t go 110”).  Even my foreign contacts are all upstanding law firm partners.

Alas, I could not resist calling the “Office of Personnel Security and Sustainability’s Customer Service Center” to get a status update.  After a couple of tries, I got a live human being who informed me that my investigation was underway and that my target completion date is July 14th.  In others, no change.  I’ll retake that vow not to call again until after July 14th.  I give it a week, at best…


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