I wanted to get a sense of what’s coming up so I emailed the human resources folks at State responsible for the Political Cone candidate register to find out where I’d fall on the register if my security clearance finished today (as opposed to three or four weeks from now). I also wanted to know when the upcoming A-100 classes are scheduled to begin. Each entry level foreign service officer starts with a 5- or 7-week course in Arlington, Virginia (sort of diplomatic boot camp). These intro courses begin periodically throughout the year but dates for 2010 have not been published.

I cannot imagine how many emails and calls these folks receive from high-strung, stressed out candidates. I was thus very surprised to receive a quick response to my email query. It seems I would be 37th on the register of 83 people currently on the political register. It’s not clear if that is high enough for an immediate offer or if I’ll be waiting on the register for awhile before receiving an A-100 offer after my security clearance comes in.

As for upcoming classes, there are two remaining in 2009, beginning on September 14th and October 26th. The schedule for 2010 includes five currently dates: January 19th, March 15th, May 10th, June 21st, and September 13th. Now for another month of waiting…


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