Security Clearance

It seems that I just called too early in the day a week ago as my call today brought the magic words:  “your security clearance was granted on 8/11, and your file has been forwarded to HR.  Good luck.”  I just sent off an email to HR to see if my file has cleared “suitability review,” the final step in the process before HR adds my name to the political register.  Based on timing and past numbers, it looks like this means I’ll start my training in Washington, DC, in late October (yeah, I know, I don’t want to jinx it, but I’m not superstitious).

I’m still in a bit of shock that I’ve finally passed another stage in this incredibly painful process…


4 thoughts on “Security Clearance

  1. Congratulations!!! See, I thought once you have been “granted security clearance”, that was it. There is also another step of which I was not even aware. By any chance, do you know what issue held your review up – I’ll understand if you don’t want to share.

    In any case, this is great news and I wish you luck in the A-100!

  2. There is one final step, the suitability review, which involves a complete review of the entire file by State (not just security issues). That step usually takes a few days but it looks like sometimes there is a delay in getting the file from diplomatic security to HR. I think I got lucky in that there were no hiccups.

    As for what held my review up, I don’t know if it was anything substantive for just a summer delay caused by lots of investigations coinciding with vacation time. It sounds like others are experiencing the same time frame and, in the end, my adjudication took almost exactly one month. Others have reported longer so it could always be worse.

    1. Thanks for link. I’ve been following your blog for sometime (and my wife and I have been long-time equality activists, most recently marching in the streets with our kids against prop 8). Best of luck on the bidding process.

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