On the Register

I’m back in California after a few weeks in Paris and London with my family. Despite my stress about the ongoing adjudication and my weekly Skype calls to diplomatic security for a status update, we managed to relax, eat some great food, explore the cities, and see some fantastic modern art (one of the common interests held by my three kids, my spouse, and me).

After returning over the week-end, we received our giant stack of vacation held mail today from the post office. At the bottom of the stack, I found the State Department golden ticket in a government-issued plain white envelope. Having cleared the suitability review (apparently two days after DSS issued my top secret security clearance), my name is now officially listed on the political cone register.

In response to my query, I received an email back from State indicating that I am 30th out of 80 on the register, many of whom are on a do not call list. Rumor has it that State will begin to issue offers to join the October A-100 class at the end of this week. Hopefully I’ll reach the top of the list by the first or second wave of political offers.


3 thoughts on “On the Register

  1. First of all, congratulations on making such great progress on the long gruelling process. I have been enjoying your blog updates tremendously. My husband’s timing is off by a month but it seems to follow you time frame estimates pretty closely behind you. You score / rank seems pretty high so I am sure you will get picked for the October class. Do you know the capacity of the upcoming class? Do you know anything about the distribution of candidates they will be taking from each cone?

    I am absolutely dying with anticipation and cant hold my breath any longer!

    1. Hi Sonia,

      Thanks for the message and kind words. It’s always nice to hear that someone is actually reading this thing. I really started it so my family (two kids now off to college and three of us left in California) can keep up on the day-to-day, but I’m thrilled some others in the process find it entertaining and/or useful. As far as A-100, I have no inside info, but I understand that the recent classes have had between 90 and 100 total junior officers. I imagine that there are more management and consular folks than political, economic, and public diplomacy because of the increased need for those two tracks. I expect somewhere in the 15-20 people from each register will be needed. Although I’m #30 out 80 on the political register with my no-bonus 5.7, Pat said by email last week that she thought I’d make it into the October class. I’m now jumping every time the email pings and keeping track of east coast time to see if they would still be in the office, hoping that’s the invite (maybe tomorrow?).

      Good luck to you and your husband. It’s strange how each hurdle in this process seems to drag out forever and appear insurmountable when you’re on one side, and then suddenly it feels like no big accomplishment when you pass over it and face yet another hurdle. I expect I will feel different when I receive an official A-100 invite.

      What track is your husband in? Is he awaiting the result of adjudication? Hope we all get to meet in October.


      1. The wait is over for you! Adam, (my husband) is still in Adjudication since the 13th of August, and his cone is Economics. We are sitting at the edge of our seats hoping to get into a class sooner than later. Good luck!

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