Wardrobe for A-100

It’s finally hit me how much there is to do before departing for Washington and A-100 training.  I’m a big believer in lists — what’s more satisfying than checking things off?  Unfortunately, for every item I check off, three new things occur to me to get done in the next six weeks.  Cleaning things around the house, deciding what things I’ll need/want in DC and the first tour, finding a place to live, determining whether to sell my car or drive cross-country, wrapping up the photography business, etc.  The latest addition to the list:  clothes.

Over two years ago, I traded my briefcase and suits in for a camera and jeans.  Days spent sitting in offices, conference rooms, and courtrooms turned into days standing in dugouts, laying down in end zones, and kneeling court-side.  I was  dreading the prospect of trying on those old suits and shirts, figuring far too many ballpark hot dogs and media tent pasta lunches would require the services of a very talented tailor.

Surprisingly, the suits (and even my tux) actually fit pretty well.  My favorite was just plain wore out and had to be retired, but the others will work.  After a recon trip to Brooks Brothers, however, I discovered my closet was looking a bit dated.  Ties and lapels have narrowed and pants are no longer pleated.  Apparently, I’ll be wearing suits everyday at A-100 training and then, depending on the post, most days on the job.  After a lengthy trip to Nordstrom’s Rack, the wardrobe is a little more balanced and updated with the addition of my first cold-weather suit since I started practicing law in Boston in ’92.

Another item checked off the list.  Only 38, oops, 41, to go….


3 thoughts on “Wardrobe for A-100

  1. I saw the link to your blog from your post at the A-100 yahoo group listserv. I too am a candidate for the FS — looks like I am exactly three months behind you in the process of clearing medical and security. I am hoping to get an invitation to the January class.

    I also have a legal background, and am 40 years old looking for a career change. I often heard of “recovering lawyers” but never had the courage to actually be one! Here’s to that leap into the great unknown, huh?

    I wanted to thank you for writing this blog – it has been quite informative and interesting. And your photography is amazing!

    Congratulations on your A-100 offer, and good luck!


  2. Yes, I’m glad you started this blog. I start A-100 in 3 weeks (February) and have been stressing about all things . . . clothes. I am more of a beach person and am seriously not sure how many suits to bring with me. I bought three new one’s recently but guess I’ll need more? Ugh.

    Here’s hoping that my top bids (Fiji, Togo, Mozambique, etc.) are chosen!

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