Things have been crazy busy with the first week of A-100.  I have now taken the oath of office and proudly walk the halls of the Foreign Service Institute with brand spanking new State Dept ID badge.  I’m afraid my entries, however, are going to get much less interesting for the foreign service crowd.  Details about A-100, classes, bid lists, the bidding process, etc. are all pretty sensitive.  I’m going to take the conservative approach and not talk about any of it publicly.  I can say that the big dates are set:

November 23rd:  Flag Day at which we will each receive our first post assignments

December 4th:  Formal swearing in at Main State

I’ll post my onward assignment on the 23rd.  Until then, some sporadic posts on other topics.


One thought on “A-100

  1. I read some other blogs where they talked about bid lists…mainly it was where they wished to go. Once they found out, it was so much fun to see!

    I hope things go well, and keep us updated on how things are going…even if you just talk about the weather!



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