Happy New Year

I haven’t really subscribed to the whole new year resolution thing in the past.  Given all the changes over the last few months, however, I’ve developed some bad habits that the new year might just help resolve.  Nothing earth shattering, but each change would make me much happier in the long run.

1.  Eat better.  I’m living alone for an extended period for the first time in a quarter-century and my diet has certainly suffered as a result.  Too much eating in restaurants or take out.  As much as it is a pain, I’m back to recording what I eat, a technique which has helped immensely in the past.  I will give myself one day a week off, but otherwise record my daily intake.  I’m also going to shoot for preparing and bringing my lunch three days a week which should also help.

2.  Exercise more.  More than zero can’t be that hard, can it?  I really do have no excuse with additional time, less responsibilities, and a fully functional gym two floors below.  I hate using gyms, though.  I’m going to try a few things to see if some combination works for me.  I’m going to walk to the Foreign Service Institute (about 25 mins. each way) rather than drive.  I’ll try to get to the gym a couple times a week.  I ordered a TRX for use in the condo.  I really liked it at my last gym and is easy to use at home for the years ahead.

3.  Listen to more music and watch less TV.  The TV is on a lot.  I spend very little time actually sitting on the couch watching, but it is on almost all the time as background noise while I work, eat, read, etc.  I’ve found a solution to routing music from the computer to the living room so iTunes and Pandora can now be heard where I spend most of my time.  Exceptions:  sports and while using the TRX (i.e., resolution 2 trumps resolution 3).

4.  Update the blog more.  I’ve been slacking, I know.  I’ll aim for shorter, but more frequent, posts.

I’ll revisit each resolution in a couple of months and see how it’s going.


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