Immigrant Visas, check

This afternoon, we finished the second segment of ConGen, focused on the law and procedure for accepting, approving, and adjudicating immigrant visas.  As one would expect, it is granular stuff.  We now have a grasp of over 30 classifications of potential immigrants.  We know how to handle international adoptions, how to operate an alphabet-soup of computer applications, and how identify a myriad of fraud schemes.  How firm a grasp we have on these and scores of other things we digested is questionable.

During the last two weeks we’ve completed lectures, computer practicums, case studies, mock interviews, and, today, our examination.  Now it’s on to non-immigrant visas, a subject that will make up a great deal of my two years in Ottawa.


2 thoughts on “Immigrant Visas, check

  1. Thanks for providing your experiences through this journal. It is very helpful to hear as I am thinking of taking the Foreign Service exam in February, with the hopes of working in an embassy. Do you have any prep suggestions for taking the FS exam? Thanks!

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