Preparing for Pack Out

I’ve got a few days of classes remaining next week, but I’m now officially in transition mode.  There’s a long checklist of things to get done, but plenty of time so it’s relatively low stress.  The impending snow storm this week-end will also limit the distractions so I can focus on getting organized and packing things up.  It started snowing this morning and it’s supposed to keep going through tomorrow night with an expected 15-24 inches.  This would apparently break the all-time annual snowfall record for the DC metro area.  I’m convinced it’s a plot to get me used to weather in Ottawa.

Although I went through the pack-out process in October, it feels like a lot longer than 3-1/2 months ago.  The movers came by this morning to do a pre-move assessment.  Unlike most officers, I’ll be driving to post so I can fit a lot of my stuff in the car, leaving only a small subset that will have to be packed up and shipped.  Thankfully, I’m moving into a furnished place downtown so I don’t need to worry about acquiring more stuff.

The drive to Ottawa looks like it will be pretty relaxed.  Although it’s only about 10 hours, I’m going to stop for the night somewhere along the way because my lease ends in Virginia on Friday and I can’t get into my new place in Ottawa until Saturday.  I now have a four-wheel-drive instead of the convertible I drove out from California, but I expect I will still be driving a little more slowly and carefully heading through the snow-belt on I-81 to Scranton, Syracuse, and the Canadian border.

Now if it will just warm up a little so the two feet of snow melts between now and Friday…


3 thoughts on “Preparing for Pack Out

  1. Best wishes on your pack-out and drive, eh? I hope the weather is in your favour. Getting you ready for Canada.

    I’ve enjoyed your posts. I’ve followed your journey through your writing.

    We are a hopeful FSO and family. I’ve started a blog too at

    Good luck!

  2. Good luck to you and your family, Emily. It’s a whole additional level of courage to jump into the foreign service with school-age kids. Although they won’t always believe it at the time (like everything else), what a fantastic gift you are giving them.

    I hope you have a very brief stay on the register.

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