A Walk Through Snowpocalypse

With all that’s happening in our nation’s capital — health reform, financial re-regulation, and the new centerfold Senator from Massachusetts — you’d think 36 straight hours of local news would have something better to cover.  Instead, the only story receiving round-the-clock coverage is weather.  Dubbed Snowpocalypse and Snowmageddon, the DC metro area has received unprecedented amounts of snow.  Dulles airport has recorded over 30″ since Friday and we’re within an inch of the all-time annual record snowfall.

Grocery stores have empty shelves and everything is shut down.  No buses or above ground metro.  No Smithsonian.  Even the local mall and movie theater shut down.  Thus, it was either stay cooped up or get an early start on the Ottawa outdoor activity.  I donned my snow boots and Canada Goose jacket, wrapped a camera in a weatherproof housing, and headed for downtown.

The snow continued to fall in the afternoon which scared away 95% of the usual traffic and just about all the tourists.  Some sporadic snowball fighting, snowman building, and cross-country skiing, but that’s about it.  The DC mall like I’ve never seen it.  Snowpocalypse indeed.

Street sign without a street

Large branches and entire trees snapped from the weight of the snow
Frozen Reflecting Pool and Washington Monument

Alexander Hamilton in the cold

2 thoughts on “A Walk Through Snowpocalypse

  1. I so lucked out on Thursday. I was in CO for a few days for business, and was scheduled for the Dulles to Moscow United flight. When I got to the flight, the flight attendent told me that Dulles was already scheduled to close on Friday at 1400. Thank goodness that I managed to get out before the snow…or, rather, before snowmaggedon!

  2. Re: Snowmapocolypsedon: I can’t think of a catchphrase/meme/whatevs that’s been embraced so quickly. And this time there are two to choose from! The media hasn’t had this much fun with a word since Jalalabad….

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