Official Confirmation

There is a lot going on (hence the new blackberry on belt), but I’ll hold off writing until the smoke clears.  In the meantime, I actually managed to read a whole novel.  I have no explanation for why my adult-onset ADD allows me to read non-fiction but won’t let me get all the way through a novel.  I plowed through Updike’s Rabbit series last year and have since started several other recent and not-so-recent works.  They are all sitting in strategic places around my apartment with prominent bookmarks calling out for resumption.  I still have great aspirations to finish Infinite Jest, but at almost 1100 pages it doubles as a work-out just lugging it around.  Some day.

In the meantime, I found Bapsi Sidhwa’s The Pakistani Bride a quick read.  I know so little about Pakistani history and the various cultures at play there, that I don’t feel the least bit qualified to opine on the substance of the book.  That said, it gives one (not so flattering) view of the tribal Pakistanis in the 1950s from the vantage of Lahore Punjabis and an American woman.  I’m back to non-fiction for awhile, but I’m hoping my soon-to-arrive iPad will make it easier to carry a few books around so I can make more progress on Infinite Jest.

I used to claim that I spent so much time reading at work (which I did), that reading for pleasure at the end of the day was difficult.  I do a lot less reading at work now so I guess it was all just an excuse to justify my TV addiction.  Oh well.

I do spend a chunk of time every day reviewing cables, some of which are relevant to what I’m doing now.  Others are relevant to what I’ll be doing in a year.  Still others are just interesting.  As I was doing my regular reading the other day, up popped this one (don’t worry, it’s unclassified and public knowledge):


1. Following are the names of 99 individuals included on
Foreign Service Generalist List 2009 #11.  This list was
nominated by the President on December 11, 2009,
confirmed by the Senate on March 10, 2010 and attested
by the President on March 15, 2010.  Posts are requested
to share this information with their officers.


4. For appointment as Consular Officers and Secretaries
in the Diplomatic Service of the United States of

Daniel Ross Harris, of California

I guess in between passing landmark health care reform, completing a nuclear arms treaty with Russia, and overhauling the federal student loan program, the powers that be found time to confirm my class of foreign service officers.  Kind of a kick to see it in print.


11 thoughts on “Official Confirmation

  1. Doesn’t this have to be reconciled by the House, sent back to the Senate, and then voted on by whoever happens to be waving a sign outside Harry Reid’s house in Searchlight, Nevada?…

  2. Guess you’re one of the many appointments that the President is allowed to make while Congress is in recess. Too many have been held up by a recalcitrant Washington. Congratulations!

  3. Yahoo! It’s official!

    Now, if you would just settle for ‘regular’ fiction, y’know in the 200-300pg range, like the rest or us.. you might have more luck!!! If you want more titles on Pakistan/s. asia let me know!

    Happy Spring.

  4. Daniel: I start my A-100 on May 10 and am looking for some wardrobe tips. I worked 20 years as a reporter and took a buyout in December. I nearly always wore a coat and tie at work _ not a suit, however. I saw you went to Nordstrom Rack. I have one suit, several sport coats etc. and I’m planning to pick up two more suits. Do you think I need more than three suits? Is there something you wish you had that you didn’t or something you did buy but never wore? Any help would be great! Thanks. Your blog is great. Ottawa. Pakistan. Wow.

    1. Congrats, David. You’ll be fine with 3 suits at A-100. You do need to wear a suit and tie (not sport coats) and it’ll get a little old by week 5, but after that you’ll be in jeans for post-A100 training. You can decide if you want to get another suit or two after flag day. Some posts are more formal than others and for some it depends on the job within the post. I had a car that I didn’t use that much. It was nice to have for grocery shopping and the odd trip here and there, but for the most part, I could have done without it. I brought a fully automatic espresso maker which felt a little extravagant but I used it everyday so it all comes down to what works for you. Best of luck and let me know where you get assigned.

      1. I have followed your advice and today picked up two suits at Nordstrom Rack. And we’re ready to post our car up for sale on craigslist and go with Zip car. I’m not a copy cat; you just have some good insight worth following. Thanks again. We’re ardent followers of your blog.

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