Hiking in Gatineau, Take 1

Fall seems to have come to Canada.  Temperatures have dropped and the leaves are just starting to change color.  I’ve been wanting to get out to Gatineau Park in Quebec for awhile and this morning I finally got my act together.  Just a short 20 minute drive away, Gatineau Park boasts 140 square miles of preserved land, including over 120 miles of hiking trails.  I picked the right time of year to get hooked: no bugs, cool temps, and very few people.  Not sure these photos do it justice, but it was a beautiful morning.

I’m going to try to get out there for a couple of hours each week-end.  Once the snow starts falling, I’ll have to start investigating my first pair of snow shoes.


3 thoughts on “Hiking in Gatineau, Take 1

  1. Nice photos! A friend just sent me a link to your blog… I’m a new Canadian consular officer, currently living in Ottawa and getting my French language skills up to par in Gatineau. I’ve definitely been enjoying the opportunity to hike during my breaks – the colours are beautiful right now! You might want to look into boots instead of shoes for winter, though – the snow can get quite deep!

    1. Best of luck with your training and first assignment. I have my Sorels ready for winter. Even looking into a pair of snow shoes to continue the week end explorations…

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