Classe de langue française

I’ve been back in DC for almost two months and now 1/4 of the way through French training.  It is a slog. It has surprised me how tired I am after 8 hours of language classes, labs, conversation tables, pronunciation tables, and homework.  This is the first language I’ve tried to tackle seriously since college Russian a couple decades ago and it’s tough.

That said, I am making progress.  Verb by verb.  If only I could keep all those damn articles and prepositions straight. Now that I’m a less-sensitive place, I’ll try to keep up on the diplojournaling.  Peut-être un peu en français.


2 thoughts on “Classe de langue française

  1. Hello,

    Thanks for your blog. I have read it now from beginning to end. I am in the process: I have the Oral exam in early October. I am shooting for the Management Cone.

    Received an email a couple days ago indicating that since I do not live in close proximity to an FSOA Information Session hosted by a Diplomat in Residence or a recruiter, that should access an attached study guide. The guide covered each section of the Oral exam, but only had one practice test for the case management potion of the test. Having covered what was in the study guide I recall reading that you spend considerably more time preparing…mind telling me where you got the materials?

    Thanks in advance any advice…K Esq.

    1. Best of luck on the exam, K. I’m glad you found the blog useful. The best resource for oral exam prep material is the Yahoo Group FSOA. Using that online resource, I worked with a local live group in San Francisco to practice the exercises in real time. Several of us passed so and it made the process much less isolating.

      As for missing the Dip in Residence talk, don’t worry about it. I attended one that as I was prepping and it really wasn’t that helpful in terms of practical advice. It was interesting to talk with someone who had been on the job for a couple of years, but certainly not necessary as a means of test prep. Those that attend such sessions will have no advantage over you whereas I felt those of us who used the Yahoo board did have an advantage over those who did not.

      Let me know how it goes!

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